Chief Executive Officer – BILD Calgary Region


BILD Calgary Region is a not-for-profit organization whose primary role is to advocate on behalf of our 700 building industry members in the Calgary Region.

The Organization:

BILD Calgary Region was created in March of 2016 because of an amalgamation of the Canadian Home Builders, Calgary Region and the Urban Development Institute, Calgary. Both these organizations had long-term roots in Calgary, but it was determined that one organization of combined memberships would be a more successful advocacy group.

BILD Calgary Region’s membership consists of Developers, Builders, Renovators, Trades, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Consultants and Professionals, all doing business in the building industry.
BILD Calgary Region has a staff of 14. Half of our staff are dedicated to our government and public relations work. The other half manage our member’s programs, events, committees, finance and administration of the organization.

BILD Calgary Region instills these values in everything we do.

Success, Integrity, Volunteerism, Relationships, Community, Fun

BILD Calgary Region is part of a three-tiered organizational structure, which provides support to our organization from BILD Alberta, our provincial advocacy group located in Edmonton and by CHBA, our national advocacy group located in Ottawa.


The Role:

Accountable to the Board, the CEO will lead the staff, 13 full-time and 1 contractor, providing direction and leadership and ensuring that the strategic plan for the organization is executed and outcomes are communicated to the Board and members.

The Board of Directors are a governance board and provides direction to the CEO. The CEO is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization, including but not limited to the management of the staff, members, financial assets and the brand and reputation.



There are 3 main overarching requirements that are critical to the role:

  1. To communicate and/or advocate effectively with .. members, employees, all levels of government, other stakeholders and the public;
  2. To Ensure that the Organization maintains high standards of corporate citizenship and social responsibility wherever it does business;
  3. To act as a liaison between management and the Board and ensure the organization is managed in a fiscally prudent manner;
Key AttributeTypeComments
Communicate & AdvocateMembersA track record in a membership-based organization that has significantly grown (and retained) a diverse membership base.
GovernmentA background of involvement in government relations, preferably at the municipal levels. A knowledge of the Provincial government, especially the Ministry for Municipal Affairs would be an asset.

Another key attribute would be a proven communications record, both written and verbal (presentations) to administrations or Councils.

StakeholdersDirect involvement with one or more industry stakeholders would be helpful.
EmployeesA working knowledge of Alberta labour law and managing employee issues and performance reviews would be helpful.
BoardA working knowledge of how a governance board operates.
PublicTraining/Experience in public relations & media would be an asset.
Organizational StandardsCorporate CitizenshipThe CEO will need to be a reputation builder for the industry and specifically our members. The job will entail managing the membership and any situations that a member may be doing to compromise the reputation of the industry as a whole.
Corporate Social ResponsibilityA track record in managing a corporate social responsibility program would be an asset.
Financial AcumenRevenuesA successful record of growing and retaining membership would be a key consideration. Further, managing the membership fees vs events revenue mix will be critical to financial success.
Cost ControlsNot-for-profit organizations are not-for-profit, but they are not-for-loss. A record of cost control and fiscal management would be a key consideration.

The CEO role for BILD Calgary Region is one that requires patience, good negotiating, and collaboration and communications skills. The candidate must be willing to work varying hours due to the schedules of the industry and the municipalities in the region. There will be some travel to Provincial and National meetings from time to time.

A basic knowledge of the Industry and its challenges is beneficial, but not necessary to take on the role.
If you are a fit for this role and wish to make a difference in the building industry in the Calgary Region, please contact: Guy Huntingford,, 403-607-2644