BILD Calgary Region Bulletin 2022 – 79

From: From – Mohamad Mohamad, Sr. Coordinator, Technical & Standing Committees

Date: Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Subject: URD Transformer Rationing Mitigation / URD Transformer Allocation and Installation Process

As a follow up to the previous BILD Calgary Region Bulletins 2022 – 72 (Link to Bulletin-72)  and 2022- 77 (Link to Bulletin-77) distributed to BILD CR Membership, ENMAX provided an update to BILD Members on the ongoing transformer supply chain challenges and mitigations for Underground Residential Development (URD) transformer allocation and installation processes on November 22, 2022. ENMAX has issued the attached document outlining the process for the allocation of the initial 75% of URD Transformers as well as the process for requesting the balance of the 25% of transformers, that will be driven by permanent meter installations. CLICK HERE to view the document.

For more information on the attached document, please contact Joe Beetge –