BILD Calgary Region

Bulletin – September 27th, 2021

Tom Strangward, Senior Coordinator, Technical & Standing Committees

Update – Utility Line Assignments for Lanes (7.0m, 8.0m, 10.0m)

After discussion between BILD and The City of Calgary, The City will no longer allow overhead Enmax power lines to be installed in the following lanes:

  • 1008.072 DGSS 2014 (7.0m)
  • 1008.036 DGSS 2014 (8.0m)
  • 1008.037 DGSS 2014 (10.0m)

The City has updated designs for the Utility Line Assignments of the above, and these updates will replace the existing plan view, cross-section, and design element details effective September 17, 2021. The changes will be applied to subdivision plans already in progress.

For comments and questions, please contact Abdul Samad, Projects Coordinator – Liveable Streets Division; Complete Streets Program Lead at

For the bulletin posted on The City’s website, click here.

To see the updated cross-sections, click here.