2018 Student House Design Competition

In the next decade, it is predicted that the building industry in Canada will need to hire over 100,000 new skilled workers. A summary from BuiltForce Canada points out how important it is to promote careers in our industry. In Alberta alone, in the next 10 years, 16,900 people are expected to retire and 14,700 new entrants are expected, leaving us with 4,600 vacant jobs.

10 Year workforce outlook for Alberta

BuildForce Canada

Student House Design Competition ExampleBILD Calgary Region promotes industry career awareness through our Student Membership and through our annual Student House Design Competition. The goal of both of these initiatives is to promote, identify, and provide experience to help students define career opportunities to ensure the long-term success of our industry.

The Student House Design Competition, now celebrating its 40th anniversary, has been so successful in supporting high-school and post-secondary students it is now part of the

Student House Design SAIT Winner

curriculum for many schools, including SAIT.

The competition provides support and opportunities for students who are interested in a career in the

industry by awakening their creativity in design, encouraging their innovation through scholarships and rewarding top competitors with a total of $8,000 to further their education in the fields of building and design.

The competition wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated, knowledgeable association judges, not only