A message from BILD Alberta

BILD Alberta has provided a summary of key proposed changes included in the fall 2019 public consultation that will affect our industry. This document provides short summaries of the most critical of the proposed changes to the National Building Code, the National Fire Code, the National Plumbing Code and the National Energy Code for Buildings provided by the National Research Council.

Get involved

Members are encouraged to review the proposed changes and to provide formal comments to National Research Council using this link before December 23, 2019.

Your feedback is critical to ensure the full impact of any proposed change is considered prior to their inclusion in the national codes. We are asking members to provide specific examples of how the proposed changes would impact your business and its customers. We would also like comments related to the accuracy of cost implications that are given as part of the proposed changes.

Advocacy Efforts

Both CHBA National and BILD Alberta are involved in continuously monitoring the national codes development process. We have been working with CHBA National’s Technical Research Committee to draft comments on key proposed changes that will affect industry. BILD Alberta will also be submitting comments based on feedback from the members of our Provincial Residential Technical Committee and its review of the proposed changes. We are attempting to make it easier for members to provide their feedback through this summary document.

Final Review

A final national public review will take place from January 13 – March 13, 2020 which will include changes being proposed to the National Building Code Section 9.36 and the National Energy Code for Buildings (Ti