BILD Calgary Region

Bulletin – July 2, 2021

Tom Strangward, Senior Coordinator, Technical & Standing Committees

The members of the 4-party consortium are seeing a continued trend of material shortages throughout international and North American supply chains. This issue is common to many industries around the world and the shallow utility construction space is not immune.

The challenges with the supply chain and current high volume of lots underway may result in potential delays to project completions.  This will be communicated to you via your project manager for your URD project and / or the service representative at the individual utility.

Our members are actively working with key suppliers of high-risk material to manage the supply risk. Forecasted demand information is being communicated to suppliers and financial commitments are in place to meet this demand. Suppliers are actively managing the raw material and transport resource supply risks to reduce delivery impacts.  Our project managers will also be working with our construction partners to complete all available work in the event certain materials are unavailable.

For more information, please contact Executive Director of the Shallow Utilities Consortium, Mark Kefford, at