BILD Calgary Region

Bulletin – July 2, 2021

Tom Strangward, Senior Coordinator, Technical & Standing Committees

Housing starts in advance of shallow utility construction has become commonplace in the Calgary region.  Although this is not ideal, it cannot always be avoided in some developments in the City of Calgary.  The Shallow Utilities Consortiums’ project management representatives work with the site Prime Contractor (Developer or Developer Representative) and builder representatives for each project to plan and schedule work where housing starts, obstacles, material storage, or other conflicts and safety considerations exist in relation to the shallow utility contractor’s proposed work plan.  This was previously addressed through a 2008 joint task force with UDI – Calgary, the CHBA – Calgary Region and the Shallow Utilities Consortium, who released multiple bulletins in July 2009 and re-issued in December 2015.

In the interest of construction efficiency and to ensure everyone goes home safely, the expectations and responsibilities originally identified by UDI (BILD Calgary Region), the Canadian Home Builders Association – Calgary, and the Shallow Utilities Consortium remain important and are revisited below.

Expectations on the Worksite

  • Site safety must be the priority at all times, for the Developer as the Prime Contractor in URD projects, as well as shallow utilities contractors and Builders working on the site.
  • Daily site cleanup is a must. Control over debris from the site must be maintained. Trenches are not to be used for refuse and all those working on the site must exercise due diligence when discarding material.
  • The trenches must be left clear and accessible at all times. Open trenches will be marked with safety signage and it is expected that all workers will respect this and act accordingly.
  • Parking is a significant concern. In some cases, the location may need to change to accommodate the trenching schedule. It is expected that the builder will advise their site personnel in advance of any change.
  • Waste bin locations and pickups should be planned around the utility construction plan and schedule.
  • Material drop offs should be handled in the same manner. Should material need to be dropped in the immediate area, coordinate the timing so