From: Beverly Jarvis – Director of Policy, Projects & Government Relations

Date: June 24, 2022

Subject: Shallow Utilities Consortium – 2022 URD Project Design and Construction Timeframes

As communicated in the July 2021 BILD bulletin regarding Project Design Volumes, industry as well as the Shallow Utilities Consortium experienced a high volume of projects entering the design phase of the Shallow Utilities Workflow. The addressing of those large design volumes in 2021 has led to higher than normal construction volumes in 2022 and compounded by a significant intake in projects in early 2022.

Transitioning from design to construction at Step 13 requires site readiness checks, locates, City of Calgary Utility Line Assignment (ULA) approvals, and construction resource availability. City of Calgary ULA durations have been extended beyond typical turnaround times and have added to the construction commencement dates for several projects.

The Shallow Utilities Consortium and ENMAX Power Service Corp (EPSC) have worked with the City of Calgary ULA group throughout the high volume period to address the extended ULA approval timelines. EPSC is working diligently with the City of Calgary ULA to identify URD Multi-party ULA (MPULA) submittals and ensure they are reviewed and approved in a timely fashion.

The City of Calgary ULA group has recently added resources to their team and review and approval durations should return to normal once those resources are onboarded.

To assist with the large amount of ULA submittals, developer and developer consultants are reminded to ensure the name of Off-site Utilities and Street Lighting ULA applications include the name and phase of the development as well as the URD MPULA # if available.

The Shallow Utilities Consortium has also added to the URD construction contractor resource pool with four additional companies, Valard, Rivard, Iconic, and Tollestrup. These companies are qualified and experienced URD constructors that are actively assigned projects to address high construction volumes.

Developers and developer consultants are encouraged to use the Shallow Utilities Workflow tracker in the 4-party SharePoint site to monitor status, deliverables, and forecasts with their EPSC Project Manager.

Mark Kefford, C.E.T
Executive Director
Shallow Utilities Consortium