BILD Calgary Region

Bulletin – July 2, 2021

Tom Strangward, Senior Coordinator, Technical & Standing Committees

The Underground Residential Distribution (URD) Shallow Utility servicing industry experienced a lower service volume in 2020.  This unique year was impacted by COVID-19 economic uncertainty which caused many developers to defer projects or put active projects on hold.

The recovery and positive developer sentiment in early to mid-2021 has resulted in a higher than normal volume of projects coming off hold or being initiated at the same time, creating a spike in design workload and management.  Additionally, many of these projects include lot adjustments or phase splits not included in the original plans, resulting in design changes to the utilities.  The individual utility designers and their consultants are working through this wave of designs.  Projects scheduled for summer or early fall construction will experience delays to project design completion.  Project timelines will be communicated to you via your project manager and / or the design representative at the individual utility.

Developer and developer consultants are encouraged to allow for extended design periods in their projects, prioritize high probability projects, and notify the consortium project manager of projects in the queue with lower probability or longer timelines.  Additionally, limited changes throughout the design process will assist with design delays and allow for efficient completion and construction start.  Individual utility members responsible for the designs are working on resourcing and design process adjustments to reduce the impacts of this temporary spike in volume.

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