BILD Calgary Region

Bulletin – September 2nd, 2021

Tom Strangward, Senior Coordinator, Technical & Standing Committees

Revisions to Asbuilt Submission Content Requirements

NOTE: These revisions apply only to Asbuilt BPs completed prior to the implementation of The City of Calgary’s new CAD standards.

Submission Content Guidelines:

Submission requirements are intended to represent the asbuilt of the final approved design drawing and shall incorporate all small format revisions (CDMRs) submitted during construction and to address City of Calgary field orders. The following shall be used as guidelines specific to the review and approval of these asbuilt drawing submissions:

  • Asbuilt drawings will be prepared by the consultant, respecting information available at time of substantial completion (understood to be the point of time at which the underground Construction Completion Certificate (CCC) is issued). These include items constructed within the approved Issued for Construction (IFC) boundaries for the scope of Approved Work as per the Development Agreement only. This definition respects the City of Calgary Standard General Conditions version 1.3, page 8 of 101, and APEGA’s Practice Standard. Submitted asbuilt drawings shall still reflect “the moment in time” in which design drawings were approved for construction but would incorporate revisions as required to secure the CCC as per above.

The status of adjacent or future design information does not need to be updated to reflect adjacent or subsequent construction outside of the scope of the submitted engineering drawings. The drawings shall only be updated to include asbuilt information representative of the scope of construction as per the approved construction boundaries. Future or adjacent design information will only be updated or amended if the change was triggered due to unforeseen impact or changes to the approved construction program and therefore subject to City review and inspection as part of the current scope of construction.

  • Information identified as “by others” represents work designed by the City of Calgary or a separate developer. Asbuilt information identified as “by others” will remain identified as “by others” on the asbuilt information submitted. The exception to this is that asbuilt information should be provided for the nearest upstream or downstream existing manhole to which the subject site connects, as well as the utility plug/plank asbuilt information if present. The submitted asbuilt information should illustrate the asbuilt data for all of the incoming and outgoing inverts of the existing upstream/downstream manhole (the manhole being tied into) as well as the asbuilt slope and length for the new total utility length between the new and existing manholes.
  • Legal subdivision information (plan numbers and right-of-way/easement information) submitted in the asbuilt package will reflect the registered information specific to the subdivision requirements consistent with approved Construction Drawings and scope of Approved Work as per the Development Agreement only. Submission of asbuilt drawings should occur after legal plan registration such that asbuilt information includes all registered plan numbers. If legal plan information is not included this would be identified as a deficiency and the asbuilt profiles will need to be resubmitted to acquire final acceptance.
  • As a clarification to process, the Profile drawing submission to Standards and Agreements (as per the May 2020 Industry Bulletin distributed by the City of Calgary) is submitted in two- formats (PDF and AutoCAD) to facilitate simultaneous review of sewer contents and CAD standards after which combined comments will be sent back to the consultant. This promotes efficiency by eliminating the previously practiced 2-step as-built review

Specific to content, the submitted as-built block profiles shall be of the same scope and development obligation boundary as those approved for construction consistent with guidelines 1-3 above, but with as-built information added and including any construction revisions that have been approved and inspected. These as-built drawings will however be modified from what was provided for construction with adjustment to labels and linework to show pre-existing and as-built content only (based on the approved construction drawings), and must be updated to remove any references to superseded, removed, proposed, and future content (e.g. linework, labels, etc.). The submission must include a copy of the approved Construction Drawing surface improvement and utility coversheets (A, B, C and D drawings) which will be used a reference to understand development obligation/construction boundaries specific to profile review. The coversheets are provided for Information Only and will be the same as was issued for construction/utilized for CCC and will not be updated or modified with asbuilts nor changes in linework or labelling and are therefore not being updated in the same manner as the asbuilt block profile content. If no deficiencies are identified, this profile submission will satisfy City of Calgary Final Acceptance (FAC) drawing submission requirements and no resubmission will be necessary.

Industry wishes to thank The City of Calgary for a productive and collaborative engagement process.

For further information, please contact May Cayanan – Team Lead, Standards and Agreements – at

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