BILD Calgary Region

Bulletin – June 7th,  2021

From: Tom Strangward, Senior Coordinator, Technical & Standing Committees

Enmax Power Corporation (EPC) has revised its residential service standard from
100A to 200A to accommodate the increasing electrical needs of their customers.

Effective immediately, EPC will offer only 200A services for new residential customers
in standard Underground Residential Developments (URD). This applies to all new
projects for single family, duplex and fee-simple row housing developments. For
projects underway, developers may choose to proceed with the current design or seek
to revise. The ability to change from a 100A to 200A servicing will depend on the
current stage of the project.

EPC wishes to advise all homebuilders, developers and consultants of the requirement
to install 200A meter bases. EPC will continue to make their full investment in the
provisioning of these 200A services.

Over the next several months, EPC will be modifying their technical standards and
guidelines, as well as their Terms and Conditions to reflect this revised service

Please note both 100A and 200A residential servicing will still be offered for non-standard URD as well as small residential (e.g. infills) and certain types of multifamily development (e.g. condominiums).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brandy Eagleson at