September 2017


Did the fee schedule change again?

Yes. As many of you know, Council approved a new full-recovery fee schedule for ALL outline plan/land use redesignation applications at the July 31, 2017 Council meeting.

Since that time, City Administration and BILD Calgary Region have seen some implementation challenges, particularly for applications that have no Growth Management Overlays (GMO) in place. Most of these process challenges can be addressed through ongoing discussions with Administration, however the most prominent issue – applicability of the full cost recovery method to applications with no GMO – required Council direction.

As a result, Council was asked to re-consider their decision at the September 11 Council meeting this week. BILD Calgary Region worked with Administration to come to a solution that would work for all parties. Council made the reconsideration, and has now APPROVED the following NEW fee structure for outline plan/land use applications, effective immediately.

What are the new fees?
  1. AREAS WITH A GMO IN PLACE: Land use/outline plan applications that are made in Area Structure Plan (ASP) areas that are impacted by a GMO, in whole or in part, will continue under a full-recovery fee process. Administration continues to work on a list of questions put forward by BILD, and have indicated that they will have a number of answers and for industry by the end of next week. Please see the fee schedule below.
  2. AREAS WITH NO GMO’s IN PLACE: Land use/outline plan applications that are submitted for areas with no GMO impacts or implications will go back to the previous per-hectare fee, in place prior to the August 2, 2017 decision. Please see the fee schedule below.


While this looks very similar to the ‘option 2’ approach that BILD Calgary Region advocated for back in August, please note that direction was also given to Administration to work with Industry to assess cost recovery needs, and establish a model that can be applied to AREAS WITH NO GMO’s and bring forward recommendations by no later than the end of Q1 2018.  This means that a new fee structure will be considered and discussed with Council for lands with NO GMO’s. BILD Calgary Region will work with Administration on this and will keep members notified of further changes.


Additional information from the September 11th Council meeting:

BILD Letter of support for Council reconsideration

City Administration’s presentation to Council

NEW 2017-2018 Outline Plan / Land Use Fee Schedule (Draft)

NEW 2017-2018 Subdivision Fee Schedule (Draft)


*Please note that the City will be providing additional information on this in the upcoming days. We will inform members once available.