We’ve launched a new website. You probably already know this because you are on it – but you may be curious to

Screenshot of new website

know what has changed, and what changes to expect going forward.

Why did we change it?

BILD Calgary Region has opted to update our website for a number of reasons. Most importantly, we wanted to

create a better user experience for our members. We want to make sure you can find information more quickly and that it is in an easier to read format. It was also key to ensure that the Member’s Only benefits, like reports and Affinity Program information, are all in one spot requiring a login.

What’s new?

For launch, we moved a lot of the existing content over, streamlined where we could and made a longer term plan for adding new information. One of the biggest changes is that the menu is slightly different when you are logged in as a member, vs a public visitor.  For example, as mentioned above, if you are logged in, you’ll have access to member specific benefits and information, but you won’t see information on how to become a BILD Calgary Region member (because you already are one). If information is relevant to both members and the public, we’ve made it available to both audiences.

We’ve also created a new section just for events. That’s where you’ll be able to go to see what events are coming up, access BILD Awards related forms and register for events. We’ve also included event sponsorship information too.

To login, simply click on “Members Only” and choose the login option or visit the temporary login page here.

What’s coming up?

We will be creating an industry section, highlighting the work our developers, builders, renovators, manufacturers and consultants do in the Calgary region. We will talk about the economic benefits of industry, reinvestment in the region, established area and suburban growth as well as climate resiliency initiatives.  We will also be adding multimedia content like video, podcasts and more. We will be working on updating the member directory as well.

As with anything new, it may take some time to find information that may have moved. We invite you to take time to look around, both logged in and not, to get a feel for what has been updated. If you have any questions, please let us know at