City of Calgary – Street Light Design Guidelines Memo

The City of Calgary has distributed a memo for industry with important information regarding the process of updating the street light design drafting standards.  The memo contains information on important City contacts, URD/offsite specific projects, street light design revisions, and links to important resources.

To see the memo, please click here.

For more information on this document, please contact

On June 3rd, 2021 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., The City of Calgary is holding an Information Session on Streetlight Design and Construction to build upon the memo and to address any questions from Industry. If you would like to attend this info session, please contact

Developer Funded Infrastructure Stabilization Fund (DFISF)

The City of Calgary has been provided the finalized version of the DFISF Manual by BILD.

The DFISF Manual was developed by industry and outlines the technical requirements and qualifications of oversize claims.  The Manual is now applicable to all future signed Development Agreements.  In addition, the Manual will be retroactively applied to all oversize claims which have no been paid in active Development Agreements.

The oversize fund continues to be administered by the City of Calgary and fund balances are reported on a monthly basis to BILD Calgary Region.

To see the industry bulletin on the acceptance of the DFISF Manual, please click here. 

Water Resources – Service Disconnections Review

The City of Calgary is reviewing changes to the service disconnection process, and have presented a suggested new process to Industry.

The new process would remove the requirement for deposits and have service disconnection process tied in with Development Permits.  Vacant properties will require a disconnection before the issuing of a demolition permit.

BILD’s Water Management, Technical Developer, and Inner City Committees have expressed support for the change.  A bylaw change is required to implement the new process without deposits, and The City of Calgary will update BILD via bulletin prior to implementation.

For more information, please contact

Established Area Growth and Change Strategy – Utilities Working Group (UWG)

The EAGCS Utilities Working Group met in May and received a Phase II Work Plan update.  A Market Trend Working Group has been struck and has met several times, and is working to determine how Phase III investments will be used.  Local Area Planning work is now on hold awaiting conclusion of the Guide to Local Area Planning (formerly the Guidebook for Great Communities).

The grou