Climate Updates

Climate Ready Home Guide

The City of Calgary, in collaboration with City of Edmonton, All One Sky Foundation, and Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, developed a web-based Climate Ready Home Guide to inform citizens of the choices they can make during a renovation or construction project or to their home maintenance regime to make their home more resilient to extreme weather events. The Guide identifies climate hazards (Extreme heat, Wildfires, Heavy rain and flooding, Hail and high wind, Winter storms, and Drought) that are becoming more likely and/or severe weather, and the potential impact on homes and properties. It includes some of the impactful measures to reduce these weather impacts to citizens and their homes. For example, the Guide describes measures to reduce extreme heat impacts for the following:

  • Roof and Attic
  • Exterior walls and siding
  • Windows and doors
  • Landscaping and yard
  • Ventilation and cooling

The content also includes information on how to choose a contractor and fortunately provides links to BILD and Renomark. BILD and Renomark has not been involved with the development of this Guide so if you see any inconsistencies or concerns with content, please contact Deborah Cooper ( so that she can bring it to the attention of The City.

City Standard Climate Comments for Planning Reviews

As mentioned in the April newsletter, The City has drafted standard wording for a number of planning comments related to climate resilience that applicants may receive as part of the pre-application (PE) assessment and detailed team review (DTR) documents for both land use/outline plan applications and development permit applications. To view The City’s draft Standard Climate Comments for Planning Reviews click here.

BILD Committee members have provided feedback to The City’s standard climate comments and as a next step; BILD has coordinated a Q & A session with The City and those BILD Committee members on June 3. If you would like to be included in this session, please contact Kate Langtry (