Volunteers are BILD Calgary Region’s greatest resource and the strength upon which the association has flourished into one of the strongest and oldest industry associations in Canada today.

BILD Calgary Region has over 30 committees, subcommittees and task forces, which report up to the Board of Directors, who are our memberships’ elected officials.

Member companies recognize the value of participating as a committee member and support their employees’ involvement. One hundred ninety companies are represented through our 450 volunteers, providing a wide variety of subject matter expertise related to all aspects of the building industry.

Below is a list of the various committees you could get involved in.

If you are interested in joining a committee please contact sarah.champagne@bildcr.com.

Airdrie Builder Committee

Collaboratively addresses issues relating to home building, focusing on construction, building code, inspections, bylaws, etc. in Airdrie. Membership includes builders, suppliers, and professional service members. We are seeking renovators, additional suppliers, trades, manufacturers, contractors, insurers and others. City of Airdrie building department attends regularly.

Airdrie Developer Committee

Advocates on behalf of members active in Airdrie. Developers, consultants, and contractors work to support government relations and policy reviews, assessing industry matters such as policy development, Land Use Bylaw, community design guidelines, standards and specifications.

Ambassadorship Committee

Meeting monthly, this committee works to foster a constant supply of new and influential members for the BILD Calgary Region Association and ensure a positive experience for all new members. Examples of scope of work include participating in new member meetings, mentorship of new members.

BILD Awards Committee

Organizes an annual competition for members to showcase their products and be recognized by peers and the public for their achievements. It furthers the industry and its standards by promoting innovation through healthy competition and celebration. The scope of work includes full-scan assessment and criteria development, process consultation, event consultation, marketing and sponsorship coordination/consultation and annual evaluation.

BILD Foundation Golf Committee

Organizes an annual summer tournament (Priddis Greens) in support of the BILD Calgary Region Foundation. Scope of work includes planning/implementation/evaluation, sponsorship, registration and tournament fundraising activities. Meets January through September.

BILD Golf Classic Committee

Organizes an annual spring member networking destination tournament on behalf of BILD Calgary Region. Scope of work includes planning/implementation/evaluation, sponsorship, registration, on-site coordination and execution. Meets September through June.

Charitable Committee

Supports shelter-related charitable initiatives, research, and educational opportunities on behalf of the BILD Calgary Region Foundation. Reviews charitable proposals and makes recommendations, raises funds, and manages approved projects.

Chestermere Developers Committee

Supports the Chestermere Developers Liaison Group, hosted by the City. The group broadly keeps eyes on planning policy, bylaws, offsite levies, capital works programs, DA’s, technical standards and specifications, CUI, CSMI, and other City initiatives under development.

Climate and Environment Committee

A cross section of members to work on climate and resilience related strategies, regulatory framework and guidelines advocated by local and regional municipalities. Examples of work include energy labelling, electric vehicle infrastructure, energy systems and efficiency, renewables and conservation, water reuse, storm water use and natural asset areas, in context of new and retrofit developments in residential & commercial/industrial sectors. Tours, presentations and site visits are part of committee work.

Cochrane Committee

Supports the Cochrane Developers Liaison Group (CDLG), which is hosted by the Town. Membership includes builders, developers, renovators, suppliers, manufacturers and trades active in Cochrane.

Commercial/Industrial Committee

Represents the interests of the commercial and industrial development community in negotiating and reviewing existing and new approval processes, guidelines, bylaws, and rules as well as liaising with other commercial development organizations on relevant issues. Agenda Issues: Commercial Change of Use Authorization Letter, Ratio of private vs. City owned lands, On going Res. Vs non-Res. Tax ratio.

Condominium & Multi-Family Committee

Focuses on citywide mid-to-high rise building issues and practices. Works with The City of Calgary and other organizations in the multi-family arena to identify issues and examine all processes, activities and opportunities in planning, construction, management, and marketing of end-use condominium and multi-family projects. Agenda Issues: DP Approvals, Calgary Building Services – emerging issues, Building Codes.

Economic Advisory Committee

Reports on all levels of economic activity in the Calgary Region affecting the homebuilding industry.

Human Resources Committee

Provides a discussion forum for Builder members HR practitioners to share and develop industry-based HR best practices.

Inner City Builder Committee

Focuses on low to mid density residential built forms. Provides a forum to discuss practical and proactive solutions to technical building and policy related processes and issues currently encountered with inner city home building. Agenda Issues: Cost of   Redevelopment, Land Use Bylaw Amendments, Review of new Planning Policies.

Marketing & Communications Committee

Examines opportunities for effective marketing and communications, both internally and externally, and fosters membership retention and develops opportunities by demonstrating the value of the Association.

Planning Committee

To work together with local governing bodies to evaluate, review, improve and monitor the approval processes, guidelines, policies, strategies and initiatives related to planning and development. Also engages on a community level through initiatives as required. Agenda Issues: Calgary Municipal Development Plan, Developed Areas Guidebook, Calgary Growth Strategies.

Renovator Advisory Committee

This group of volunteers supports quality, innovation, choice and affordability in residential building products. Promotes and maintains a high standard of ethics and continued professional development among our Renovator members and promotes the RenoMark™ program. Advises and provides feedback to the Association regarding issues directly affecting the Renovator arm of our industry. Agenda Issues: RenoMark local public awareness campaign.

Rocky View County Committee

Advocates on behalf of all industry segments in Rocky View County. We seek to broaden representation, the committee needs builders, developers, consultants, contractors, suppliers, businesses operating in as well as members living in RVC to support government relations, policy reviews, assess offsite levy bylaws and the Land Use Bylaw.

Safety Committee

Brings together industry members in order to coordinate information and share ideas on construction best practices and improving job site safety and security. Agenda Issues: OHS Legislation implementation, Site Theft & Vandalism, Safety Education.

South Region Committee

This Committee seeks members for all segments of our industry doing business within the MD of Foothills, including but not limited to Okotoks, Foothills, and High River. Meetings will be scheduled quarterly to start. Membership includes builders, developers, renovators, suppliers, manufacturers and trades.

Shallow Utilities Committee

Works with the Shallow Utilities Consortium and municipalities to address approval processes, guidelines, safety and productivity issues pertaining to the construction and installation of shallow utilities in residential development projects. Agenda Issues: New URD Process, Design approvals, developer choice.

Student House Design Competition & Scholarship Committee

Organizes annual house design competitions for high school and post-secondary institutions that culminate with the awarding of a series of scholarships/bursaries. Its purpose is to inspire and encourage a continued flow of talent into our industry. Scope of work includes competition and criteria design, sponsorship, competition judging, presentations coordination/evaluation. The committee meets September through June.

Technical Builder Committee

Identifies, expresses concerns and provides input on technical issues relating to the home building industry, including but not limited to Building Code changes, building systems, bylaws, and construction practices. Membership includes builders, contractors, trades, municipalities and service professionals. Agenda Issues: Building Codes and future Building Codes.

Technical Developer Committee

Functions as technical advisory committee directly to the Board of Directors, making recommendations on cost impacts to development. Works together with local governing bodies to review and improve approval processes, guidelines, and specifications for urban and rural development and redevelopment. Membership includes developers and technical consultants. Agenda Issues: Master Development Agreement, Pond Cost Sharing, Engineering Drawings & Approvals (Tentative Plan, Construction Drawings), ESC.

Technical Finance & Infrastructure Committee

Developer and Builder members, focusing on items related to funding and financing tools (e.g. levies) for a variety of infrastructure forms in both established and new areas, in Calgary as well as the region, growth management, and impacts to market supply, economic indicators/outcomes, and quantifying policy impacts to cost of land and buildings (affordability & choice).

Transportation Committee

Keeps abreast of City and regional issues that affect the development industry by working together with local governing bodies to improve approval processes, guidelines, and specifications related to transportation. Meets with Calgary Transportation Development Services and Calgary Roads.

Urban Landscape/Parks Spec Review Committee

Appropriately reviews, challenges, and works to improve approval processes, guidelines, specifications, and other processes related to Calgary Parks and urban landscaping. Agenda Issues: Storm water Reuse, Residential Street Trees Policy, Calgary Parks  Specifications.

Urban Redevelopment Committee

Focuses on mid to large-scale development in the City Centre, Beltline, and/or Inner City established areas. Monitors and provide review for new/amended city policies and applicable policy documents. Proactively encourages the development of new policies, strategies, and initiatives while working with local governing bodies and stakeholders. Reviews the values, policies, and implementation processes related to planning established urban areas. Agenda Issues: Developed Areas Guidebook, Established Areas Growth & Change Study, Public Engagement.

Water Management Committee

Monitors and provides review of existing technical standards pertaining to water resources, water management plans, and applicable policy documents and make recommendations for improvement. Works together with local governing bodies at improving approval processes, guidelines, and specifications related to water. Agenda Issues: Stormwater Reuse, Water Application Approvals, 2020 Stormwater Strategy.