Message from the CEO

Dear BILD Calgary Region members,

It is not too late to wish you all a very prosperous and healthy 2018!

I believe there is a renewed optimism for the bulk of the building industry after talking to a number of our members in the last eight weeks. 2018 looks to be as good as 2017, if not better.

BILD Calgary Region is always looking for ways to provide more value to members. One of our best opportunities is through different and accessible communications channels. With this in mind, we have embarked on piloting a monthly podcast.

The beauty of a podcast is you can listen to it on a variety of devices when you have a spare minute. Whether you have time at lunch, while you’re commuting in your car, or while you get ready in the morning, our podcast will provide an easy way to get some useful industry information.

Our inaugural podcast is a review of the January 10 Economic Dinner and we discuss some of the issues and statements made by The Conference Board of Canada’s, Craig Alexander. I trust you will find our ‘chat’ interesting.

I hope you have February 14 marked on your calendar for two reasons. First, Valentines Day, and second, the annual address to our members by City Manager, Jeff Fielding. For those that haven’t been to a ‘Jeff’ lunch, you will be presented with some very frank statements and some insights into the ‘big blue machine’ that Jeff leads and manages on behalf of Calgarians.

Click here to register.


Guy Huntingford

CEO, BILD Calgary Region

BILD Talks Economics with the CEO of BILD CR
In the pilot BILD Talks podcast, we interview Guy Huntingford