BILD Calgary Region Bulletin 2022 – 70

From:Mohamad Mohamad

Sr. Coordinator, Technical & Standing   Committees

Date:September 15, 2022
Subject:Hot Mix Asphalt and Cement Concrete – Cold Weather Requirements

The City of Calgary is reminding Developers, Consultants, and Contractors of current roads specification regarding winter construction in effect during September 30 through to May 1.

Hot Mix Asphalt Placing Temperature

No hot mix asphalt shall be dispatched to the field unless the temperature, as issued by Environment Canada, is rising and meets the following minimum temperature requirements:

  • Lift thickness less than 50 mm, 7°C
  • Life thickness greater than 50 mm and less than 70 mm, 4°C
  • Lift thickness greater than 70 mm, 2°C
  • No surface lift asphalt mix shall be placed regardless of temperature or thickness until the road surface is 5°C or higher.

Concrete Placement Seasonal Requirement

When the air temperature is at or below 5°C, or when there is a probability of the temperature falling below 5°C within 24 hours of placing as forecast by the nearest official meteorological office, cold weather requirements for concrete placement shall apply.

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