Our industry is constantly being tasked with achieving targets. Targets on how we build and develop land, targets on population density, targets on timelines, targets for policies and codes, targets on targets on targets.

With a lot of expertise, strategy and hard work, some of these targets are achievable. However, many of the targets that are set out for us are inconceivable and unrealistic.

At the FREE BILD Industry Information Forum, we will be discussing three topics that all have targets associated with them. These topics are regional planning alignment and how it will impact the industry, density goals and targets set for 2039 and beyond, and targets to maintain a sustainable association.

Regional Planning Alignment

The Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB)’s provincial level target is focused on alliance and collaboration, aimed at aligning the regional municipalities in growth, development and service activities. The CMRB consists of 10 Calgary Region municipalities that are tasked with working together to accomplish the following three main targets by January 1, 2012:

  1. Create a regulation to establish a growth or land use plan
  2. Create a regional servicing plan that validates the fulfillment of the growth plan
  3. Create a regional evaluation framework

The CMRB is an exciting concept that fosters a lot of potential for our industry and the municipalities. However, the targets set out seem like an awful lot of work to fit in to two and half years. BILD Calgary Region and a panel of experts will discuss this topic in further detail, including the barriers, opportunities and risks, and what it could mean for your business in the future.


Density Goals

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is The City’s vision on how Calgary should grow and develop over the next 30 to 60 years. First drafted in 2009, the MDP set a target of 33 percent of new population to be housed in established areas by 2039. By 2069, the goal is to house 50 percent of net new population in established areas.

The City has recently released a 2018 MDP Progress Report. The report outlines successes and challenges in implementing the MDP. At the Forum on June 20, we will be focusing on the barriers of the density targets set out by The City, the reality of missing the target and what BILD Calgary Region is doing to educate on more realistic goals.


Sustainable Association

BILD Calgary Region amalgamated in March 2017, the new association has set targets it would like to achieve based on stakeholder feedback. The targets BILD is focused on cover all aspects of the association, with a key focus on membership retention and representation.

BILD’s mission is to be the respected voice advocating for the building industry in the Calgary Region. In order to accomplish this the association needs to have strong representation from all membership categories and support from the majority, if not all, organizations that make up the building industry.

There are a number of challenges that impact the mission of the association, including economic factors, value perceptions and resources, to name a few.

Join us at the Forum, ask questions and find out what the reality is for your association and what BILD’s strategy is going forward.

The goal of the Forum is to hear from you. We want to our members to inform us about how you will be impacted by the topics mentioned above. We invite you to use the interactive, anonymous, technology to follow along, answer polls and ask questions to our expert panels and BILD team members.

The Forum will be followed by a complimentary lunch and the BILD Calgary Region Annual General Meeting.

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