Community outreach is about reaching out and connecting with people to discuss change before it happens. Community outreach for planning and development is about reaching out to discuss specific development proposals or plans that outline where and how future growth and redevelopment can be accommodated within a specific area.

Experience has shown that the earlier in the process you consider and exercise your outreach options, the more likely it will be to contribute to successful outcomes. Outreach can help reduce conflict and eliminate surprises as potential risks or concerns can be identified sooner.

Discussing change isn’t always easy, but the recently launched Community Outreach on Planning and Development Toolkit is here to help.

The aim of this toolkit is to help people–from builders, developers and landowners, to community members, business owners, community associations, City planners and Councillors–understand and be successful in their community outreach role. This toolkit includes information, tools and resources to:

  • Clarify what community outreach is and who is responsible for what.
  • Clarify when, where and how people can initiate and get involved in conversations about planning and development in Calgary.
  • Improve understanding of City planning and development processes and tools.
  • Support builders, developers and landowners with their community outreach efforts.
  • Support citizens and community members as participants in community outreach.

What is your role as an applicant?

As an applicant, your role connected to outreach on applications is as the LEAD. As the lead, you determine if/when community outreach will take place connected to your project and, if so, decide about what, with who, where, how, etc.  

The Applicant Outreach Toolkit provides you with a step-by-step process to consider as you contemplate your outreach options. 

There can be many reasons why you may want to involve the community and conduct outreach when contemplating a new development project. Meaningful outreach is not as simple as a checklist or a one size fits all approach.

  • The City’s general recommended minimum approach is for applicants to complete the Community Outreach Assessment Tool which helps applicants assess and consider the potential impact of their proposal within the context of the community they are working in and provides guidance on high-level outreach considerations. In addition to completing the Outreach Assessment tool, The City recommends connecting with the surrounding neighbours, community association or relevant member-based organizations and area Councillor early in the process to discuss their development ideas.

The Community Involvement Toolkit includes tools and resources to support community members and Community Associations in their community outreach roles connected to the planning and development of our city and communities. Please feel free to share the tools and resources within this section with citizens.

Check out the Community Outreach on Planning and Development Toolkit at