BILD Calgary Region

Bulletin – May 25, 2021

From: Sarah Champagne, Senior Coordinator, Policy & Standing Committees

ENMAX Power has identified an increasing trend of excavation failing to follow ENMAX Power’s Ground Disturbance Guidelines, which has been previously identified in BILD Bulletin 2018-50 Transformer Protection and BILD Bulletin 2019-72 Surface Equipment Damages.

This has resulted in a severe public safety hazard due to the exposed and/or damaged ground wire for residential transformers as shown in attached notice.

Contact with exposed and/or damaged ground wire can result in injury or death.  Public and external construction contractors must not handle the exposed ground wire.

ENMAX Power will provide, free of charge, Hazardous Electrical Awareness Tutorials (HEAT) to all parties, and work with them to go over project specific requirements.  Contact

If the public safety hazard continues to persist, ENMAX Power may be required to issue STOP WORK ORDERS to ensure public safety.

Please contact (403) 514-6100 to report any hazards.

Request for Feedback:

ENMAX Power requests industry input and feedback on the following:

  • Please provide suggestions and information related to source of issue.
  • What ideas might you have to ensure developers and excavators are following ENMAX Power’s Ground Disturbance Guidelines.

Please submit any questions and feedback as requested above to