BILD Calgary Region Bulletin 2022 – 72

From –  Mohamad Mohamad, Sr. Coordinator, Technical & Standing Committees

Date – October 7, 2022

Subject: Enmax Power Delays in Transformer Supply – Mitigation Update

In a follow-up to the previous BILDCR technical bulletin distributed to BILDCR Membership on September 27, 2022, Enmax has provided an update on the ongoing delays in transformer supply.

ENMAX Power notes that it is committed to working with industry on these issues. ENMAX Power is implementing transformer supply alternatives to mitigate impacts to the Underground Residential Development (URD) industry in Calgary. Based on the current projections, a stock-out scenario will occur if mitigations are not implemented.

View the full Enmax Power bulletin HERE and details on the Underground Residential Development ENMAX Power Transformer Supply Alternatives  HERE

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