June 28 2018: Priorities & Finance Committee (PFC) Update
New Community Growth Strategy: Investment Recommendations

As an update to our June newsletter, here is a report following the PFC report the New Community Growth Strategy outcome.
What happened at Committee?

  1. Industry was well represented, as all business case proponents were given an opportunity to directly address committee, and directly advocate for their business case.
  2. The following eight communities (six business cases) were recommended for investment by Administration and received the support of committee (only one dissenting vote). On July 30 Council will give final approval – note that almost all Council members were at committee to hear the item, so we expect that the voting pattern will remain the same at Council:
  • Two communities in the Glacier Ridge ASP (Ronmor/Wenzel)
  • One community activity centre in Glacier Ridge ASP (Capexco Inc.)
  • One community in West Belvedere (Tristar/Truman/Landsdowne/others)
  • Two communities in Rangeview (Brookfield/Genstar/Section 23/others)
  • One community in Providence (Dream/Qualico)
  • One community in Haskayne (Brookfield/Marquis)



Amendments to the recommendations in the report were made. These allowed for the following:

  • A process to enable the removal of Growth Management Overlays (GMOs) when this item proceeds to Council on July 30. Previously, the removals would not have occurred until after the budget was approved in November. This process now includes early Council approval of the portion of the budget that would secure the funding necessary to support these eight communities (six business cases), on July 30.


  • Business cases NOT recommended by Administration in their report are given an opportunity for reconsideration at the July 30 meeting of Council. Their inclusion will depend on Administration working with all business case proponents to determine whether lowering operating or capital costs might be realized through refined cost estimates, different timing or phasing of development.