BILD Calgary Region

Bulletin – September 9th, 2021

Tom Strangward, Senior Coordinator, Technical & Standing Committees

DSSP Small Format Revision Update

As of August 26th, 2021, the City of Calgary transferred to a new workflow system for managing Development Site Servicing Plans (DSSPs). As part of this transition, Small Format Revisions to DSSPs will no longer be able to be submitted and processed.

Should there be any minor revision required to an approved DSSP due to an unexpected field condition, the applicant will need to contact the WR-DA reviewer directly to determine if the situation and scope of change meets the above conditions (meaning an approved DSSP and the proposed change is the result of a field issue).

If the revision does match this criteria, it will be submitted in the same fashion as a typical revision with the minor change clearly highlighted.  The WR-DA