It continues to be a whirlwind of change as we navigate the COVID-19 public health emergency. As you are aware, many jurisdictions, including Ontario, Quebec and several large US cities, have significantly limited or shut down construction operations. We are fortunate that here in Alberta, we have been identified by the Alberta Government as an essential service and remain operational. However for that to continue, we need to be absolutely certain that all employees, trades and contractors who work for and with your companies are all following COVID-19 safety protocols on an ongoing basis.

We have submitted our commitment to this to the City of Calgary Council, administration and Calgary Emergency Management Agency. You can view our letter and summary infographic outlining the safety protocols and efforts of BILD and BILD’s members to support public and worker safety during the COVID-19 public health emergency here. Without full compliance across our industry, we may not be able to continue the full scope of our operations, and more importantly, we could be risking the health of our people and community. We cannot overstate the importance of genuinely altering and adapting work protocols and procedures to be COVID-19 safe and to be clearly seen as strictly adhering to those altered and adapted work protocols and procedures. Construction and real estate remaining essential services relies in some measure on public perception and for sure in the confidence of policy makers in our industry’s demonstrated collective commitment to COVID-19 safe work.

We are here to help – here’s how:

  • We hosted a second Safety and Wellness Forum Tuesday April 7. In addition to the slate of speakers who participated in the “sold-out” March 30 Safety Forum, we have also added Dr. Ian Wheeler, an expert in industrial hygiene, from Certified Industrial Hygiene Consultants as a speaker. More information can be found here. We will continue to hold these forums as needed throughout the crisis and welcome feedback on additional topics and information you may find helpful.
  • We will be holding a second Financial Resources Forum on April 16 where experts from MNP will provide the latest information on government financial support and programs for businesses.
  • We are working closely with all industry partners including NAIOP, the Calgary Construction Association, Alberta Occupational Health and Safety as well as the various Calgary municipalities to ensure all construction sites have adopted COVID-19 best practices and have the information, support and tools they need to continue to keep workers safe.
  • We continue to update our COVID-19 online resource with presentations and video from previous forums, industry best practices, municipality updates, links to resources and up-to-date government information. Our BILD staff are also available to answer questions and point you to additional resources to enable you to ensure the right things are happening on your job sites and in your business, for all your people.

We appreciate everyone’s hard work and commitment to adapting practices to make our industry even more safe as we move through this crisis. We are in this together.

Stay safe, stay well.