Congratulations to the 2021/2022 BILD Calgary Region Student Design Competition Winners and Runners up! Check out the winners photos here

Have a knack for design? Check out the BILDCR High-School design competition 

Every year BILDCR runs its annual High-School design competition that is a great opportunity for students to explore the exciting industry that is building and development. This is a great taster for those interested in exploring a post-secondary education focused on architecture, interior design, or another construction-based field. The competition consists of designing a home based on the requirements outlined that rotate annually. This year, students interested are tasked with building a luxurious home in the mountains for a local professional athlete. Sound up to the challenge?

Also, did we mention there are cash prizes available for the contest winners? 

Check out the details below.

2021 Student House Criteria – Mountain House

The project submission deadline is Monday, April 25 , 2022 

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