BILD Calgary Region (BILDCR) is monitoring the government restrictions and is committed to communicating relevant industry information to members.

BILD Calgary Region is not a regulatory or licensing authority but we play an important role in providing information and supporting resources to members. This extends to changes to safety obligations for employers.

This update is in coordination with BILD Alberta 

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) has provided updated guidance that employers are required to treat COVID-19 as a workplace hazard. Similar to other workplace hazards, employers are obligated to “eliminate a hazard wherever possible”.  This extends to changes to safety obligations for employers. BILD Alberta recommends all member companies familiarize themselves with these new requirements.


The guidance from OH&S identifies staff vaccinations as an effective control of the hazard and a first choice in addressing it. If vaccinations are not used as a control, employers must implement other controls such as a combination of alternative work arrangements, physical barriers, enhanced ventilation, physical distancing and use of PPE.

Based on the employers’ above obligations, a number of member companies have introduced vaccination polices for their staff. A preliminary canvas of