Judging will begin January 2023

– Each entry will be judged on its own merit, based solely on entry materials provided.

– Entries will be judged by a panel of highly qualified judges from Calgary and The Region, who are selected for their expertise in their respective fields.

– The accounting firm of MNP has been chosen by BILD Calgary Region to monitor the judging process. No others will be allowed to observe the judging of entries.

– The 2022 BILD Calgary Region Award finalists will be announced in March 2023.

BILD Calgary Region reserves the right to:

– Cancel, combine or split any category due to numerous or insufficient number of entries or at the judges’ discretion;

– Withdraw a particular category if all the entries submitted do not meet the criteria or are not of a standard that recognizes excellence.

– Withdraw any entries if they do not meet the criteria or are not of a standard that recognizes excellence;

– Withdraw a particular entry if it does not meet the digital image submission specifications;

– Request any additional information it deems necessary to confirm the information contained in any submission; and/or

– Judges may also re-categorize any entry if, in their opinion, it has been entered in the wrong category, or if it is more appropriate in another category.

Want to be a judge this year? Check out the link below