BILD Calgary Region Foundation

BILD Calgary Region Foundation was incorporated in 1986. Its focus is shelter related with a mandate to construct or assist in the construction of housing for people who are in need of shelter.


BILD Calgary Region Foundation is very proud of the fact that it has no overhead. Resources such as staff, office space and equipment are graciously donated by BILD Calgary Region. The Board of Directors, as well as fundraising and committee organizers, are all volunteers.

BILD Calgary Region Foundation shares membership with BILD Calgary region.

Governors are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting. BILD Calgary Region Foundation is a separate legal identity from BILD Calgary Region, although they share many goals and resources, and the BILD Calgary Region Foundation is the charity of choice for the industry.

Since its inception, the foundation is responsible for providing over 7,000 beds for those in need, and returned over $7.5 Million back into the community we live in.

BILD Calgary Region Foundation raises most of its funds on a per project basis. Each project is assessed to ascertain the involvement required of its members. Once that is determined, a fund-raising program is undertaken and members of the home building community are called upon to provide cash donations, in-kind materials donations, labour, and time.

The foundation appreciates the support of its members and is grateful for any donations that help support its work. For more specific information on current projects, BILD Calgary Region Foundation’s work, or to make a donation, please call 403.235.1911 and help us extend a helping hand.

Read more about past foundation projects and successes.


Support the Foundation through Skip the Depot

The BILD Calgary Region Foundation has become a donor recipient for Skip the Depot.  Get door-to-door bottle pickup through Skip the Depot, and choose the BILD Calgary Region Foundation as your designated charity.

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Support the Foundation through Donate-a-Car Canada

The BILD Calgary Region Foundation is a donor recipient for Donate-A-Car Canada.  They expertly handle all aspects of processing your used cars, send the net sale proceeds to the BILD CR Foundation, and then we mail you the tax receipt.

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