BILD Calgary Region

Bulletin – September 2nd, 2021

Tom Strangward, Senior Coordinator, Technical & Standing Committees

In recent weeks, the building industry has made City of Calgary Water Resources aware of a material supply shortage for 75mm service pipe.

To address this issue, industry and Water Resources have developed a modified Residential Service Standard Sheet 

To minimize the risk of cross-connection, the following temporary changes shall be applied to the specification:

  • Storm services may be constructed with 100mm from the main to 2.5m or 4.0m past the property line then a 100mm x 75mm reducer shall be installed with a 1m section of 75mm, properly capped or sealed for future tie in.
  • Services shall continue to be installed in the order described on Detail Drawing 34M.
  • Storm service shall be marked by affixing GREEN industrial tape (all purpose duct tape, Patco 152 General Purpose Vinyl tape, or equivalent) to the top of the pipe for the entire length. The taping shall be a minimum of 50mm wide and can be made up of multiple passes.
  • Sanitary service shall be marked by affixing RED industrial tape as noted above, to the top of the pipe for the entire length. Taping shall be minimum of 50mm wide and made up of multiple passes.
  • Consultant inspector to record marking tape colour in field notes and on builder grade slips released to builders to identify what colour correlates to service.

This bulletin is effective immediately and will expire on December 31st, 2021.

For projects that have already utilized the interim solution of ribbon and distance identification, this process will be utilized through to the completion of the phase to ensure consistency.  Understanding the specified distance into lots varies (i.e. 3.5m and 5.0m), consultants are asked to note this and the colour coding clearly in the builder’s grade slips issued to home builders.