On Tuesday, May 23, 2017, BILD Calgary Region saluted our volunteers at the Volunteer Recognition and Awards Luncheon.

Volunteers are the backbone of any organization and without the help of our dedicated volunteer members we couldn’t do the valuable work that we do every day.

Our members are there wherever and whenever we need them, whether at city hall lending their expertise, organizing and planning special events for our members, promoting the industry to the general public, or supporting our many activities.


Volunteer Service Awards

This year BILD Calgary Region created a new group of awards to recognize a small number of volunteers whose service to the association has been invaluable. This group of people’s contribution of time, expertise and dedication is truly valued. BILD Calgary Region is incredibly lucky to have many volunteers that work tirelessly for the betterment of the association and the industry, which made paring down the list to only six was a difficult task.

The winners of the Volunteer Service Awards are the following:

  1. Nadeem Esmail – Nadeem has volunteered on the Board of Directors for CHBA – Calgary, he is a valuable asset to the SAM Awards and Economic Advisory Committee.
  2. Rob Brandrick – Rob has volunteered for the Water Management Committee, Stormwater Management Special Task Force, Lot Drainage Improvement Project, Water Resources Emerging Issues, the Nose Creek Partnership, and countless other endeavors.
  3. Mark Carrier – This past year, Mark has served as the Chair of BILD’s Airdrie Builder Committee and been invaluable by going above and beyond to lead the committee with his outreach to City of Airdrie Administration, and support for Marissa Toohey and the rest of the BILD committee.
  4. Joel Tiedemann – Joel is the youngest of the volunteer award recipients and works on a variety of City/Industry projects, policy reviews, City/Industry Work Plan initiatives, and the BILD Inner City Advisory Committee.
  5. Gillian Lawrence – Gillian has been an active member of the former UDI and later BILD Planning Committee for almost 10 years. Since 2008, Gillian has participated in a variety of reviews, initiatives, task forces and so on. Most recently she has given her expertise to the Greenline Developer Advisory Committee, the Development Adjacent to Railway Policy initiative, multiple Suburban Residential Growth Report reviews and the City/Industry Work Plan.
  6. Rick Gratton – Rick is an active participant with our association at the local, provincial and national